There were no initial reports of injuries or damage

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Sara Fischer and Alan Silverleib

BREAKING ISRAEL SAYS CEASE FIRE VIOLATED: For canada goose replica 70 hours, there was relative peace. But as has proven true canada goose deals time and again in relations between Israel and Hamas controlled Gaza it didn’t last. Two hours before a 72 Canada Goose sale hour cease fire was to expire, and as talks continued in Egypt aimed at extending it, an Israeli military spokesman told CNN that a rocket from “Gaza terrorists” struck in the Hof Ashkelon area of southern Israel canada goose outlet toronto factory on Wednesday night. There were no initial reports of injuries or damage. Jethro Mullen, Antonia MortensenandReza Sayah

OBAMA CAMP KNOCKS CLINTON IN FOREIGN POLICY canada goose SPAT David Axelrod, former adviser to President Barack Obama, hit Canada Goose Jackets back Tuesday against Hillary Clinton’s recent criticism canada goose coats on sale of Obama’s foreign policy.

Just to clarify: “Don’t do stupid stuff” means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.

In an interview with Canada Goose Parka “The Atlantic” published over the weekend, Clinton argued the canada goose outlet store locations decision not to arm Syrian rebels early on had led to Islamic militants taking over swaths of territory in the region. The former secretary of state also took a swipe at an oft repeated phrase Obama uses to sum up his foreign policy choices “Don’t do stupid stuff.” “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t canada goose black friday sale do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” Clinton said. senator in favor of the Iraq War.

HAPPENING NOW President Obama to speak about Iraq at 4:45pm from Martha’s Vineyard. Tune in live on CNN.

WITH VOCAL SUPPORT OF ISRAEL, CLINTON RANKLES PRO PALESTINIAN AMERICANS Hillary Clinton has been upfront about her support for Israel’s recent military operations in Gaza. And her outspokenness buy canada goose jacket cheap is infuriating pro Palestinian supporters in the United States. Since Israel kicked off Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in early July, Clinton has strongly and repeatedly said she backs Israel’s right to defend itself. She stepped up cheap Canada Goose that message in a recent interview with The Atlantic, in which she charged Hamas for “stage managing” the conflict to engender sympathy. officials told CNN on Friday afternoon. News of the latest airstrikes came just after the governor of Irbil, Nawzad Hadi, canada goose clearance told CNN that ISIS fighters may be as close as 30 kilometers to Irbil. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Air strikes are “very important” because ISIS fighters canada goose coats are well armed and are outgunning canadian goose jacket the Kurdish forces, thanks to the weapons the militants seized from buy canada goose jacket the Iraqi military in Mosul, Hadi said. fighter jets struck an ISIS convoy of seven vehicles, according to Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby. The warplanes dropped four laser guided bombs, Kirby said.

BREAKING WALSH DROPS OUT OF MONTANA SENATE RACE: Sen. John Walsh dropped out of the Senate race in Montana on Thursday amid allegations of plagiarism, a senior Democratic source familiar with the senator’s thinking confirmed to CNN. The move further hurts Democratic chances of maintaining control of the Senate. Canada Goose Outlet Republicans 2018 canada goose outlet need a net gain of six seats in November for that to occur. The Democrat is accused of not properly attributing certain material in a paper to complete his master’s degree at the Army War College. Dana Bash

U. S. officials tell CNN. The Obama administration is talking with officials in Baghdad and Erbil and is looking at options to provide humanitarian support, including but not limited to Iraqi government air drops, one official said. A senior State Department official said the United States also is weighing opening a humanitarian corridor, providing support to Kurdish and Iraqi forces. Elise Labott and Canada Goose Online Jim Sciutto

n. a pause to assess the state, progress or condition of the political news cycle

‘READY FOR WARREN’ REGISTERS AS PAC, TARGETS IOWA Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she’s not seeking the White House, but her supporters are still gearing up for a potential run. canada goose clearance sale On Wednesday, ‘Ready for Warren’ announced it has registered as a PAC in hopes of Canada Goose online expanding the group’s grassroots outreach effort. “At the moment, one thing that (the outreach plan) includes is building our operation in Iowa so we can hire a Ready for Warren organizer to talk with Iowans about the campaign and hear about what kind of candidate they want to caucus for in 2016,” Ready for Warren campaign manager canada goose store Erica Sangras told CNN in a statement. Sangras says she’s heading to the Hawkeye State on Thursday to meet with Warren supporters at the Iowa State Fair. officials told CNN. The gunman, who was killed, was believed to be an Afghan soldier who had served for some time, according to a Pentagon official. officials said. Ashley Fantz and Jim Sciutto

HAPPENING NOW ISRAEL LAUNCHES GROUND OPERATION INTO GAZA The Israeli military launched a ground operation into Gaza late Thursday, the government said. The much anticipated operation follows some of the most intense fighting in the 10 days of bombings and airstrikes between Israel and Hamas. Palestinian medical and security sources say 240 people have been killed in Gaza, including at least seven children who died Thursday, and about 1,800 injured. Israel says one of its citizens has died. Ralph Ellis, Ben Wedeman, Michael Pearson and Jethro Mullen

BREAKING NEWS: A large IDF force has just launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. A new phase of Operation Protective Edge has begun.

2016 WATCH: READY FOR WARREN: SUPPORTERS OFFICIALLY LAUNCH CAMPAIGN. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she’s not seeking the White House. But she sure is acting like a potential 2016 contender. She’s traveling around the country, introducing herself to voters, testing her message the sort of thing that candidates do. That’s what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing on her book tour. And like Clinton, Warren now has an organized group supporting her and encouraging her to run. Ready for Warren also has a petition as well as a Facebook campaign and a Twitter feed to rally support. Leigh Ann Caldwell.

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