If you pray to God, he just says he may or may not fulfill

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In Hunter Hunter, this is the idea behind Genthru’s “Countdown” ability: He can generate time bombs to attach onto people, which count down based on the person’s heartbeat and guarantees to kill the target once it explodes. Hence, someone whose heartbeat is accelerated, either from nervousness, exertion, or something else, will meet their end faster. The only way to defuse it is to physically touch him and say, “I caught the bomber,” no small feat considering he’ll do anything to prevent the opportunity.

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Ysl replica bags The rest of her link deals with her overworking herself due to guilt and grief, with no further mention of sexuality or infidelity. Granted, though, the interlude does have some significance, as after the incident with the doctor’s wife, she expresses some of her cynicism and disillusionment with her job. Added Alliterative Appeal: Yosuke describes Chihiro as “The most bewitching bespectacled beauty I’ve ever beheld!” and even pauses briefly whilst he thinks of a word for “seen” that starts with the letter B. Ysl replica bags

Replica Yves Saint Laurent In, an AI is so disturbed by finding out that its master expects it to kill all humans For the Evulz as soon as it achieves intelligence that it decides humans are Always Chaotic Evil and need to be killed. Weird Fred also fits the trope. The father in this strip is raising his son to be an Autocratic Dictator. Deconstructed when an economist explains that combining the DNA of various historical conquerors won’t necessarily produce a villain, but then Reconstructed when said economist explains it is just easier to find a country with recently high inflation, low per capita income, and a bad GNI coefficient. Creepy Crows: They are an omen for death, but not the only bird you want to avoid. Creepy Child: Cry Laughing: Doctor Apocalypse does this while vowing to stop Turboman from killing toddlers. The Cycle of Empires: The entirety of Human Civilization follows this, and we are currently in the 628th cycle. The “Expansion” and “Stabilization” phases are caused by Badgers, while the “Decay” and the “Long Night” phases are caused by modern art. Dating Catwoman: Though Deal with the Devil: Several; usually it turns out the mortal was cheated. Subverted in one strip about prayer. If you pray to God, he just says he may or may not fulfill your wish in a way thats indistinguishable from your own efforts or random chance. If you pray to Satan, he shows up and asks if you want to be paid in large or small bills. Death World: Earth, for SUPERMAN’s species. They sent overpowered babies to worlds in order to take over those worlds, but later they had a culture shift. In each and each world they went to get superpowered beings back, they had all been tyrants of that world. except Earth. Earth have so many supervillians that Superman was just too busy keeping Earth intact. With this machete. I’m the detective. Replica Yves Saint Laurent

replica ysl Can’t Have Sex, Ever: Xev and Kai as a couple. Kai: My sex organ has not functioned for over two thousand years.Xev: My sex organ has never functioned, so we both have a lot of catching up to do!Kai: Xev, you are clearly desirable and beautiful, but to me, sex is just an intellectual concept.Xev: [frustrated and upset] I don’t care if you’re dead! I don’t care if you can only appreciate this in your mind! I have a hyperactive libido and I need it now! I can’t do this alone!Kai: I can’t do it at all.Xev: [quietly, miserably] replica ysl.

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