Disposable Woman: Detective Yvonne Cho

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This Is Gonna Suck: Johnny’s reaction when he notices time has stopped again. Time Stands Still: Shang Tsung casually stops time at the end of episode 3 to offer Johnny Cage a job. Happens again in Season 2, but with Raiden showing up instead. Walking the Earth: Seems to be Kenshi’s lot in life in this series (justified because he is explicitly called a “ronin” during the feudal Japan segment so he’s probably used to it). Being able to live on from the 1100s into the 2010s certainly gave him plenty of time to travel the world and hone his skill. We Used to Be Friends: Liu Kang and Kung Lao start off Season 2 as this. We gradually get to see what drove them apart, culminating with Liu Kang’s Face Heel Turn in the last episode. Wham Episode: Episode 3 of Season 1. After the first two episodes had been relatively realistic, Shang Tsung appears after having stopped time, and also plants the first seeds of the Mortal Kombat tournament starting. What Happened to the Mouse?: There is no closure given for the girl who helps Raiden at the asylum in episode 6. What the Hell, Hero?: Kung Lao gives Liu Kang a rather pointed one after the latter murders the men who kills his wife and comes seeking guidance and a friend. Kung Lao turns his back on him, which results in their friendship ending and Liu Kang’s Face Heel Turn.

wholesale replica designer handbags Watching a career spanning set, the crowd at Radio City was simply in awe of what the hometown hero was doing. It was a night of raw emotion, a fond farewell to a very memorable year and a massive embrace of the new year to come. As midnight approached, the giant screen behind the band would display a count down and digital ball resembling the one that drops in Times Square. When midnight struck and 2012 ended and 2013 began, hundreds of black and white balloons fell from the ceiling and blanketed the audience. Nas’ family, friends and team joined the rapper on stage and rang in the new year. Popping bottles of Champagne, Nas kicked it into “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That),” as the first song the crowd would here in 2013. It was then into “Made You Look,” and the emotional “One Mic,” which altered the emotions of the crowd. With arms in the air, cheers coming from everyone’s faces, and smiles from Nas on stage, it was safe to say this was one party no one would ever forget. As DJ Green Latern spun a mix of classic soul and R cuts on stage before going into Bob Marley’s “One Love,” Nas showed that life is good and we have much to look forward to in the new year. wholesale replica designer handbags

Replica Handbags In a comic of Disney’s former TV series, Teacher’s Pet, where a dog named Spot dresses up as a student and attends his owner’s classroom so he can spend more time with him. In the comic, Leonard (his owner), in a hurry, accidentally feeds Spot a can of corned beef hash instead of his regular dogfood. Later, dressed as “Scott” in the School cafeteria, Spot finds out the mystery meat tastes just like his dogfood and concludes that the school is putting dogfood in their recipes, which starts a school riot. During a talk in with the principal, the principal demands to know whether Spot has actually eaten dog food before. Fearing this could blow his cover, Spot agrees with the principal to eat a large plate of their mystery meat and confirm to the students it’s dogfood free. Much to the Principal and lunchlady’s surprise, Spot ends up enjoying the experience (he’s a dog after all). Overall, most of the cafeteria’s recipes are made of turkey. Joe series had a group of Joe recruits being put through deliberately harsh training to see who cracked. Lunch was “mystery meat on a shingle”. One disgusted recruit asks “How do they get it so grey?”. Replica Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Disney Villain Death: How the pyrokinetic goes out, sorta. Disposable Pilot: The Powells get their powers after a plane crash in the jungle of Brazil. The pilot of their plane is never seen, implying this is what happened. Jim outright says that while they were lucky to survive, the pilot wasn’t. Disposable Woman: Detective Yvonne Cho. Ditzy Genius: JJ may have Super Intelligence and all, but he’s still makes reckless and foolish decisions. Daphne lampshades it. He also goes through with a plan to pose as an internet love interest for Kat, even though it was a really bad idea and he didn’t even “know how internet dating works”, so his Super Intelligence is very limited by his personality. Refreshingly though,despite being a ditz, JJ is shown to have genuine interest in learning rather than his Super Intelligence just ‘happening’. And similarly, rather than his super intelligence giving him information and letting him slack off, it’s shown to require him to actually study and learn. This especially applies to advanced information; while he can figure out the motion and physics behind football, he doesn’t necessarily know what’s going on and the strategy. I’ve found that sometimes it makes it easier if you concentrate on other things.” Referring to JJ’s Weaksauce Weakness that causes him to lose his abilities talking with his crush. Double Standard: In “No Ordinary Double Standard,” Jim refuses to allow Daphne to date a senior boy, but congratulates JJ who is younger than Daphne for scoring a date with a senior girl. Note that this is an in universe example as Stephanie calls Jim out on the double standard and the show, for the most part, agrees. Cam as if the various family members are talking to afamily therapist. However, though Jim and Stephanie are shown going to a family therapist at the end of the pilot, none of the kids do and it’s not brought up again. There’s no other indication they ever told anyone about their experiences (and the therapist of course looked like he thought they were crazy). Drugged Lipstick: In one episode, Jim loses his superpowers. It turns out that cynoxate, an ingredient in Stephanie’s lip gloss, is the kryptonite to Jim’s Applied Phlebotinum, the trilsettum coronis. She claims to have gotten rid of it, but apparently still has it lying around, because in a later episode, the evil shape shifter Victoria turns into Stephanie and steals the lip gloss, neutralizing Jim’s powers when she kisses him. Enhance Button: Used in “No Ordinary Sidekick”. Now with fancy interface! Even the Guys Want Him: Daphne’s crush Bret, apparently. Daphne: He could date every girl in the school, and some of the guys, and instead he chooses her Replica Designer Handbags.

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