Barbara Fredrickson’s (2009) work on positivity created a way

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In addition to specifying the interaction of signed and unsigned types to fit what existing implementations with various combinations of integer sizes were doing (which meant that the semantics of the types were required to differ among machines), the Standard should IMHO also have defined optional types with platform independent semantics on machines that supported them, with the caveat that implementations would be allowed to treat types as aliases for existing types whose behaviors are a superset of what they should be. If operations on uwrap16_t were required to be processed buy replica bags using that type when possible, and regard as constraint violations cases where that isn possible, a platform with a 16 bit unsigned type could use it to satisfy such purpose in all cases that could be processed with a 16 bit unsigned type, but would fail to issue the diagnostic in cases that can generally, there are a variety of ways signed overflow can behave, which are useful for different purposes. Letting programmers specify what they need or can tolerate would allow them to write more efficient code than would be possible if they had to avoid overflow at all cost.

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