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Ethereum cryptocurrency is the second digital currency to be released after Bitcoin, and the very first altcoin. Officially launched in 2015. In February 2022, a whole list of virtual currencies, including ETN, lost value dramatically, almost immediately after the conflict in Ukraine began.

Despite the immense popularity of stablcoins backed by fiat money, there are some major serious problems that no investor can ignore

According to IntoTheBlock, daily NFT trading volume surpassed the psychological level of $50 billion a day in April 2022

The market for non-transferable tokens (NFT) is currently on the rise. In less than five years, it has grown from zero to a capitalization of more than $35 billion. What’s next for them?

GameFi can make making money fun and interesting, so it’s no wonder the field is growing in popularity

General manager of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global for Russia, Ukraine and Turkey talks about the challenges the industry faces, new opportunities and trends.

“Deal of the century” between the retail giant and LTC did not take place and, apparently, was not planned. The story of how one fake press release stirred up the entire cryptocurrency community

PayPal’s user base could create demand that would boost bitcoin’s market capitalization by more than 15% over the next 12 months.