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ShopBot Training Tutorials Videos are a great resource to dig in before doing any operation. I learned a lot from their video: Two Sided Machining [Download Video 75mb] [Propeller File]. If you are starting out I recommend you begin with the Clock I uploaded to instructables a few weeks ago.

The Apple App Store and the Google Android Marketplace are serving up thousands of apps for tablets. Apps such as Sky’s electronic programming guide for the iPad, show that tablets are increasingly playing a complementary role to big screen TVs and iPhones and Google Android devices are increasingly taking the place of the remote control.Look out for: Decent storage, good battery life , app store selection.In the year 2021.Ten years from now the lounge is looking a lot lesscluttered, a tad spartan even.But just say the magic word and your voice activated lounge comes to life. The walls don’t just have ears they have eyes and a nimble brain too.Gone are the black and silver boxes that once made up your home entertainment stack everything is miniaturised now thanks to nanotechnology which allows complex electronics to be built on a tiny scale.

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