You don see a bunch of FTV/FTL/FTB posts or that kinda shit

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It chokes me up just thinking about it. We are all trying to be supportive of her but it is still awkward at times. She will come in and her face is all red. I seen the sodium thiopental being given but usually patients get like ridiculously huge doses of Dilaudid and Diazepam/Versed. I think I saw that one state was 20 mg of Dilaudid , 40 of Diazepam and then whatever the lethal dose of sodium thiopental is. Is an agent to stop the heart like potassium or sodium thiopental necessary after that much narcotics and benzos or is it to just speed up the process instead of letting someone respiratory center just shut down from being overdosed on opiods and benzos?.

cheap jerseys I wanna see your fanbase act like it. You don see a bunch of FTV/FTL/FTB posts or that kinda shit here often because we have a mindset of winning and don give as much of a fuck about our division rivals. You guys have a good enough team to do that too, so until we see that change we just gonna laugh about how much each of our division rivals cares about us, almost more than their own teams.. cheap jerseys

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