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A pump shotgun can cycle rounds pretty damned quickly (if you know what you doing) and a 5 shot 00 buckshot load can easily kill someone (or a few people if you a crazed gunman), even if you not an expert shot.A semi auto action doesn magically make something more lethal. If anything, it makes it harder if you not well versed in it (one trigger pull, one bullet). [score hidden] submitted 24 minutes agoI have a good laugh every time the RCMP talk about AKs or AR 15s being the devil, yet the SKS is just as functional and lethal and is unrestricted.Just goes to show how political considerations have infected purely functional discussions and definitions/restrictions around guns.I all for rational discussions, legislation, and restrictions on guns (of course, I do not want someone who is violent or demented being able to buy any gun and all gun purchasers should be checked and have a waiting period), but the discussions around guns in Canada aren especially rational or based in fact..

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wholesale jerseys from china Yeah, it really does feel like Ichigo and Orihime relationship goes through the procedure of tropes and not much else. Ichigo and Rukia on the other hand have a relationship that feels really grounded and nuanced, something that I have grown to appreciate as I gotten older and made relationships with more and more people. I think IchiRuki works so well because it just flows in the background and isn something that demands attention. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale nfl jerseys from china According to the SEC’s complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Denver, Bridge Premium raised at least $15.7 million from more than 100 promissory note investors nationwide by promising annual returns of up 12 percent. Turnock and Sullivan represented that investor funds would be used to make loans to small businesses to pay their up front, annual commercial insurance premiums. They also told investors that Bridge Premium’s business was performing well, and that their funds were “100% Protected” through various forms of collateral on the underlying loans.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china First came CDs with 500 MB of capacity. Then the DVD made a quantum jump to 4.7 GB. In some circumstances, the capacity could be cranked up to 17 GB! That is a lot of entertainment in one handy, convenient package. Once Woodbridge filed for bankruptcy, investors stopped receiving monthly interest payments and have not received a return of their investment principal. Woodbridge has since agreed to settle the liability portion of the SEC’s charges without admitting or denying the allegations and reached a resolution with the SEC and creditors in a bankruptcy action regarding the ongoing control and management of Woodbridge. The SEC’s monetary claims against Woodbridge remain pending.. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap nfl jerseys The three most notable things you get in Sweden are school tuition, healthcare, and paid parental leave. As an American living in Sweden, I am underwhelmed by their health system, it functions more or less like our VA. Wait times can be exceptionally long for serious illnesses at times. cheap nfl jerseys

Talbot and Carl E. Binette were charged in a seven count indictment with conspiracy and securities fraud related to an insider trading scheme. Binette was also charged with obstruction of justice for making false statements to the Commission during its attempts to discover and investigate that very scheme.

cheap jerseys I put the room up for rent inclusive of bills for half my rent, electricity, water and internet. I took a lot of advice from here and last night I showed him all electricity bills and asked if he mind paying $600 from this bill and the cost of the next bill minus $100 moving on. He said no way because he renting inclusive of bills not plus bills cheap jerseys.

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