While the rest of us risk contending with pepper spray and

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Keyboardist Ben Wilson of Blues Traveler is 50. Actor Brandon Call ( By Step is 41. Country singer Aaron Lines is 40. A mother daughter duo from Boulder will take a trip back to the early 1900s this weekend, complete with long skirts and a race route used by cyclists as long ago as the 1890s.Mother Dana Patten and daughter Molly Patten will ride the L’Eroica Junction to Glenwood Vintage Bicycle Race, a tribute to the cyclists of the early 1900s who rode 102 miles from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs on single speed bikes.The race, founded three years ago by Grand Junction’s Chris Brown, combines the early 1900 training ride with Italian retro bike race, the L’Eroica.The cyclist who accumulates the most vintage points throughout the race wins it’s not really about who’s fastest, said Brown. Points are awarded for vintage attire, bikes, gear and even food, he said.Brown owns Brown Cycles in Grand Junction, and became fascinated by local cycling history a few years ago. He began interviewing old bike shop owners, collecting photographs and documenting stories he heard about Colorado’s cycling past.”You really think about you’re doing,” he said.

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