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canada goose uk outlet We need meditation as a practice, as an activity as we are not comfortable with uncertainty, confusion, ambiguity. We want stable relief from facing confusing choices. Meditation becomes an escaping device, addictive activity. When canada goose outlet location we see this fact clearly, fused state may touch. canada goose uk outlet

Body and brain require food and sleep to recharge. This is sufficient, canada goose jacket outlet store complete in itself. You are essentially at peace, at rest unless you are in immediate physical danger. Unless you recognize this fact any practice, device as meditation and so on to bring peace and control is to seek relief by running away from what you do not like. The energy remains dissipated.

It is quite easy, convenient to slip into some stress relieving, tension relieving device or strategy music, entertainment, meditation, medication, religious spiritual activities and so on. Any device, any strategy you choose boomerangs as brain can not stay relieved, stay pleased. One may become addicted to the device or strategy. Instead of slipping into diversions can one stay with the discomforting feeling and see the canada goose outlet store calgary emergence of action? The Original may touch you here.

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Some men report that they would be upset and/or violent if their partner asked them directly to use a condom.

Given that, it is perhaps not surprising that victims of intimate partner violence report that they have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse in canada goose outlet online store review response to making a direct condom request (Davila Brackley, 1999; Kalichman, Williams, Cherry, Belcher, Nachimson, 1998).

Like domestic abusers, rapists often feel provoked by blows to their self esteem, so encouraging someone to communicate in ways that are canada goose outlet considered rude could actually lead them to danger.

A person who says “no” rudely could be beaten or killed for it.

So, what you consider “pragmatic” depends on what your objectives are. If you only measure sexual assault, maybe direct communication would show improvements there. But how many women might have been beaten or killed for communicating refusals directly rather than in the softened language typically used in every other social context?

canada goose black friday sale Isn it more pragmatic to recognize that rapists canada goose outlet near me are the ones who need to change canada goose jacket outlet uk their behavior, rather than tasking potential victims with the responsibility of warding them off? 13 points submitted 3 days ago canada goose black friday sale

If you weren going to enter you credit card, you weren actually going to use that service anyway, you were just gonna leech the trial.

There nothing wrong with taking up a trial that you have zero intentions of ever paying for (I do it all the time), my point is just that you aren actually taking any canada goose outlet in usa elcortezlv potential money away from a company by refusing to use their service for that reason because if that is your reason, they wouldn have gotten your money anyway. 20 points submitted 3 days ago

canada goose coats on sale Or you don’t want to make canada goose stockists uk a commitment before actually having tried the service, especially not where you have to give away sensitive information. Expect many throwaway and virtual card details. canada goose coats on sale

Also, it can be kinda like those canada goose outlet price anti adblock messages. Maybe I would have considered disabling adblock myself if I like site. Maybe I do it after being asked kindly. But force me to disable it and I will either circumvent it or leave immediately, if it’s not worth my time.

Which is problematic, and doesn only just require us to change our behavior but also put pressure on those big polluters who won change their behavior, because little oversight in the fish catching methods of lesser developed countries and people with little money are going to buy cheap fish regardless of how it was caught. Like I explained in my later posts (one of which I was still editing when you wrote your comment)

canada goose Changing our behavior is always enough. But that includes changing every relevant behavior. canada goose

canadian goose jacket If with “our” you mean the behavior of every human being then yeah, I agree. If you just mean the behavior of the consumers then no, because producers (or in this case fisheries) mostly care about profits, and if they can get away with making more profit by polluting the environment (without us knowing for example) then they will. canadian goose jacket

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Mainly that I realized how much Christianity is a religion based in fear, with an inherently unhealthy relationship to “God”, if such a thing exists.

Meanwhile Buddhism teaches you not to fear suffering, and to treat all others with compassion, instead of worrying about pleasing some figure in the sky, or creating this in group/out group of who going to hell or not.

Plus I think the whole mentality of “we are all sinners without even doing anything and need to prove how good we are so we can have a slim chance of not suffering in an afterlife that probably doesn exist” feels very toxic in a self love way to me

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Canada Goose sale No, it wasn The claim was that atheists also hold certain metaphysical/religious beliefs, which is perfectly reasonable to say. OP also defined religion as a collection of metaphysical beliefs so in that frame any set of metaphysical beliefs can be a considered a religion, including everyone personal set of beliefs. There is no unified atheist religion, but there are reoccurring patterns just like there are different subgroups in typical religions. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Online Mind you, there are vastly different religious beliefs, so the phrase “similar beliefs as religious people” is already an extreme generalization Canada Goose Online.

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