What upsetting is seeing how many people are flat out

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My gay husband is a Unitarian minister. Unitarians have been in support of same sex marriage since our 1969 General Assembly.Honestly there is more tension over me being a spouse with an replica designer backpacks independent career unable to volunteer for church stuff all the time, as many high replica bags minister spouses are expected to do, than there is over me being a gay man.It upsetting b/c I know how most queer people have had bad experiences with hateful Christians [I had my fair share], but not as many people know about the denominations that buy replica bags are more opening towards queer people. I in the Episcopal church and I felt nothing from love from my new community.What upsetting is seeing how many people are flat out disrespectful of religious people, not because of homophobia but so many people saying we “dumb, naive, weak,” etc.

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