What I am speaking to here is with teh big budgets of these

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As far as the anime trilogy is concerned, I guess they don count because Toho Animation and Polygon Studios are making them.If Legendary relicenses Godzilla and co., it will probably be under different terms. I didn say they wouldn But if the terms of the contract prevent Toho from making new films, and Toho has announced a whole new slate of films to begin in a couple of years. I reading between the lines and drawing possible conclusions from the available information and contextual clues.So one of the patients JJ works with is a retired wrestler who used the Ring Name of “Jet Jaguar”.However, JJ 1 is suffering from Parkinson’s (similar to Muhammad Ali) and decides to teach JJ 2 how to wrestle in order to pass the time and take his mind off the fact that his son, daughter in law, and grandkids don’t visit.During the training, JJ 2 reveals that he has the ability to shrink himself to nano machine size (to deal with blood clots and such), so JJ 1 tries to test of JJ 2 can grow as well.However, JJ 1’s son and the rest of his family decide to visit.Unfortunately, the monorail they were taking was derailed by Megalon, who confused it for a giant millipede (a favorite snack.)So now JJ 2 has to use his training and experimental growth powers to rescue the monorail survivors and reunite JJ 1s family.What I am speaking to here is with teh big budgets of these newer ones they will need to be consistent blockbusters or the cinematic universe will fold.

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