Truth in Television, it’s been pulled off before, as seen here

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Captain Ersatz: Averted quite refreshingly, thanks to MLB’s relaxed practices of letting films use its images and logos, even for R rated films such as this and The Fan. Catch Phrase: “Juuuuuuust a bit outside.” Though it was only said once, it’s now all Bob Uecker’s. Cerebus Syndrome: The first film plays the climactic game as straight as can be with minimal attempts at humor. Check, Please!: Vaughn uses it when Dorn’s wife seduces him Cleveland: Chosen due to the Indians’ mediocrity at the time. Crazy Enough to Work: Taylor signaling to Brown for what amounts to a squeeze play with Hayes on second. Brown notes that it’s “a hell of anidea” and relays it to Coach Temple and Hayes. Truth in Television, it’s been pulled off before, as seen here. Taylor’s is more impressive, as it’s with two outs in the inning, so he has to beat out the throw for Hayes to have a chance to score. Speaking of Hayes, his way of making the team in the first place is all this. He simply reports to the Indian’s training camp uninvited and manages to impress Brown enough to get a roster shot, even though security had just tossed him off the property. Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: After Dorn refuses to dive for a ground ball that nearly costs them a win, Taylor tells him that if he ever lolligags in the field again: “I’m gonna cut your nuts off and stuff them down your fucking throat!” Deadpan Snarker: Pretty much every line of Harry Doyle’s broadcasts. Gus Cantrell in the third film.

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wholesale replica bags Pastimes of Nasuverse fans (sometimes called “Type Lunatics”, even by themselves) include: Discussing power levels inside and across franchises. Of particular note, the Word of God strongest being, Type Mercury/ORT, has become a loved and hated icon of the Nasuverse. Arguing over whether either Shiki (mainly Shiki Tohno) can kill Servants, or other beings for that matter (Word of God be damned). Pairing off the numerous female (due to its eroge roots) characters with each other. Far easier in Fate than in Tsukihime, unless you’re a Foe Yay or Twincest kind of person. Hating the Tsukihime anime adaptation, mostly citing low budget, character wrecking, vague storytelling, and OOC actions that just don’t make sense when one has read the visual novel, and loving the manga adaptation. They even claim that the anime doesn’t exist. Making fun of the pornographic aspects in the games, considering it hilariously bad, particularly the metaphors used for the sex organs. Arguing about the intelligence/stupidity levels of the protagonists (a very touchy topic one end of the spectrum has them as subtle geniuses, the other sees them as having noticeable cases of Down Syndrome), Shirou Emiya being the most common focus. Figuring out scenarios based on the ridiculously convoluted character relationships Even that chart only slightly helps (though it doesn’t include the characters from most of the Fate spinoffs, and does not show most of the relationships, especially Shirou’s or Shiki’s relationships with most of the heroines, correctly; for instance, missing out Shirou’s love for Sakura and Rin, even though their routes are just as canon as Saber’s). Making a gigantic tabletop roleplaying game based on the Nasuverse. wholesale replica bags

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