Trust me I want to have it sealed and have toyed with the idea

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The network is known forseveral outspoken conservative personalities, such as Sean Hannity and formerly Bill O’Reilly, who have been at the forefront of pushing certain right leaning viewpoints as well as exploring far right conspiracy theories, such as the Barack Obama birther movement. It’s no secret that Trump watches the network, which usually covers him favorably. Fox viewers, in turn, have a more favorable view of the presidentthan the rest of the country..

The Lal Masjid continued to flourish under the guidance of Maulana Abdullah’s sons, Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid Ghazi. Had you quizzed them before September 11, 2001, they would have openly admitted their close links with Al Qaeda [Images]. (Osama bin Laden was, like General Zia, something of an admirer of Maulana Abdullah.) The ISI may have been forced to disown Al Qaeda and its ideology after September 11.

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