Trump victories in formerly blue states like Ohio

admin on 21 de Junho de 2014

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Replica Bags Times best replica bags online article on bullish Trump support among white steelworkers in Youngstown, Ohio, scene of a popular Bruce Springsteen ode to the declining steel industry, highlighted how deep and divisive white angst is in the so called Heartland. Trump victories in formerly blue states like Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin all reflected these racialized class resentments. According to a CNN survey, a majority of white working class folk believe that their children will be worse off in the future. Replica Bags

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More than 20 items of debris suspected or confirmed to be from the plane have washed ashore on coastlines throughout the Indian Ocean. But a deep sea sonar search for the main underwater wreckage has found nothing. Crews are expect to complete their sweep of the 46,000 square mile search zone by early next year and officials have said there are no plans to extend the hunt unless new evidence emerges that would pinpoint a specific location of the aircraft..

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