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For a unique, different series of “abstracted” digital images try this simple, but effective special effects technique. Shoot your digital images through a series of transparent and colored objects like tumblers, vases, containers, plastic sheeting or a variety of clear, colored, curved and transparent shapes. If there’s a pattern on the item, so much the better, but try using “plain” transparent materials too..

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At the ripe age of 17, Ms. Qualls started the Whatever Life website and is bringing in the bucks and the fans. Born in 1990 in Michigan, this youngster found a way to offer MySpace templates and to teach HTML coding to a plethora of fans (yep you can be a fan from nine to ninety and learn!) Worth an estimated four million, Ashley started her vision in 2004 in her basement and has a fan base from ages nine and up including Justin Bieber.

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