This was due to welfare giving us canada goose jacket outlet

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[score hidden] submitted 15 hours agoI use my personal experience andthe experience of my family. I not american I add, I just got linked here, but I feel my anecdote makes sense for this conversation as a Canadian.My parents moved to Canada 20 years ago as refugees, they had an education, but didn know English very well. Without social programs helping canada goose outlet woodbury them, my parents would have been stuck working dead end canada goose discount uk jobs and had struggled trying to improve their way of life and sustaining me.Instead, due to social programs only one parent had to work a part time job for the first year while both parents went to school to learn English well and get their education recognized with courses here. This was due to welfare giving us canada goose jacket outlet store enough to get by, even though canada goose jacket outlet uk we still had to live in a pretty shitty part of town.Because of this education and experience, my parents both landed decent jobs after some time, and now 20 years later they have progressed their careers a lot and way more than paid off what they were given the time they needed canada goose outlet uk sale assistance. In taxes they have given back canada goose outlet toronto address way more to the canada goose parka uk government than if they hadn canada goose outlet in toronto gotten that assistance.Than canada goose outlet online there me, I went to university via loans and some bursaries from the government. Even then I had to work during my university career to make ends meet. However I without those bursaries and government loans, I would not have been able to finish my degree.That canada goose outlet vip university degree then landed me a great paying job canada goose outlet in montreal and I canada goose outlet jackets have paid back my loans quickly and then be paying back to the government way more canada goose vest outlet than what I would have had I not finished my degree.Think about how much more money I be paying over the next decades living here than I would have with a shittier career path without my degree.Do I pay way more in taxes than I would have in a shittier job? Yes. But I see it as an investment in the future of the country.I wish there weren so many freeloaders that just abuse the system and are comfortable living a shitty life with welfare, but for every 1 free loader, canada goose outlet 80 off I canada goose outlet locations in toronto say there 3 or 4 people that do just need it to get out of shitty situations.Tai Ke, Thai Taiwanese; Cate Zone, Chinese food. Both in the unofficial(?) Chinatown off Olive a bit east of 270 canada goose outlet edmonton 170. There another place in the same strip mall as Tai Ke which I enjoyed, can remember the name.Sushi AI is a local chain, famous (IMO) for their all you can eat, there one off of DorsettNick and Elena has very very good Italian pizza, own by an Italian canada goose outlet uk family, somewhere in OverlandBig Baby Q off Dorsett, near 170 Lindbergh. Lots of great barbeque and sauces owned by a son/father if I remember correctly. Real friendly guysBeardsAndBitchTits 1 point submitted 3 days agoHeroin delear tries to kill police with his car rather than be arrested again, then reaches for his canada goose outlet online uk gun when canada goose outlet in chicago ordered to show his hands. Textbook case of a good shoot. Good riddance to bad rubbish.You see, the canada goose jacket outlet sale thing is; all lives dont matter. There are predatory criminals among us who make their way through this world by hurting people and destroying society. When the cops take these scumbags out, it is a good thing. Even when they’re black.

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