This guy doesn care about something that happened in the 30s

admin on 6 de Abril de 2015

Agnes Fenton of New Jersey credits her 111 years to downing three bottles of Miller High Life and a glass of whiskey every day. She told ABC News in August 2015 that her booze filled diet began 70 years ago, when a doctor advised her to drink the “Champagne of Beers” daily after finding that her only health problem was a benign tumor. Fenton followed her doctor orders for years, even adding some Johnnie Walker Blue Label into the mix, until her caretakers nixed the alcohol when she began to eat less..

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The Connaught championship had not taken place by the time the All Ireland Final was due to be played in September that year. Mayo was nominated from the province to play against Wexford in the semi final, whom they defeated. The GAA Central Council declared the other two semi finalists, Kerry and Cavan, illegal and so Mayo was considered the All Ireland champions.

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