“They made their run on us and we were able to respond to it

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“A lot of guys reached a little deeper. “They made their run on us and we were able to respond to it.” All but two members of Michigan’s 1989 national title team, including all time leading scorer Glenn Rice and Rumeal Robinson, whose free throws late in overtime sealed the championship game win over Seton Hall, attended the halftime celebration and drew appreciative cheers from the sellout crowd. The Wolverines donned blue jerseys matching the design Rice and his teammates wore when they won the championship in Seattle.

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wholesale jerseys Even on the basketball court a place they’ve spent much of their time since taking up the sport as 10 year olds they’re similar, both playing power forward and shooting guard.”She stole my moves,” Ayanna quipped, playfully glaring at her sister.”I perfected them,” Briana quickly responded.Their mother, Tauesia Matthews, said they’ve been in synch their entire lives, so much so that in elementary school, the girls would switch places and go to each other’s classes.”The difference between them, besides their hair now, is Briana has a mole on her face,” Matthews said. “Briana decided to cover up her mole with a brown marker. Ayana put a mole on her face with a black marker, and the teacher didn’t even notice.”The 5 foot 10 juniors didn’t start playing organized basketball until about six years ago, participating mostly in dance and cheerleading before that wholesale jerseys.

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