They didn have a reinforced fight strap and there was a Reebok

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Over the next couple years Gothamites began to notice a change, the police force began to clean up, crime lowered, even business picked up. At first the corrupt and entrenched men and women tried to stop this change, to hold the reigns driving Gotham City in to a hell ride of self damnation, they first tried to paint the ‘Batman’ up as a villain, a monster and many bought this, this slowed around the time Captain James Gordon became Commissioner James Gordon. The GCPD was gutted, cleaned out and the GCPD went from being nothing but thuggish leg breakers to actual real police officers who did their jobs and cared about their citizens.The years to follow has displayed a new hope filled surge in obvious counter to the ‘curse’ of Gotham and it’s criminal underworld, in the form of the Bat Family and other costumed heroes many of them managing a shaky alliance with the GCPD.

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