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Women, it turned out, only applied when they met 100% of the criteria for the job they wanted, while men applied when they met 60% of the criteria. The researchers postulated that one of the (many) reasons men dominated the upper echelons of the company is that they were willing to try for more positions than females. Sometimes confidence is all it takes to reach that next level.

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3. Forgive Often: Along with being more forgiving and understanding toward yourself, you have a much greater chance of having a peaceful Christmas season if you’re also empathetic toward others. Especially if you’re hosting the holiday celebrations, this is a high but worthy challenge.

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“The day he came in, no one announced it,” Sweeney said. “No one said, ‘Hey, Sandy is coming into camp.’ But I walked out of the clubhouse, and the bullpen is tucked in there in the corner and they’re sitting there having a conversation. If it wasn’t the first time Clayton met him, it was pretty close.

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Give yourself space to cry when it comes up but after you let it all out then go back to focus on the present and creating the life of your dreams. After Celine Cheap you let it out, do something that you love to do dance, play music, go for a run, do crafts, write. Simply, enjoy life!.

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