Then they end up dying alone in pointless duels all over the

admin on 31 de Outubro de 2013

1 Lucio is the New Meta

I had a comp match on eichenwald and while on defense they went 1 tank 4 dps so I picked Mercy to heal. Genji immediately ran through the enemy and was Canada Goose Online in the house across the choke spamming I need healing. I canada goose clearance sale spammed group up with me, he never did, everyone died, he didn’t even try to get to the point canada goose store just hid in that house, and we lost the point pretty much immediately. When the defeat screen came canada goose black friday sale up, he finally got on mic and started bitching about Canada Goose sale how I never healed him and didn’t rez him and he could Canada Goose Parka have dps’d the entire other team if he could just get some healing and a rez. Solo heal as mercy with a rein and 4 DPS. We playing attack and are getting stomped. Finally we cheap canada goose uk group up canada goose uk shop and get one decent push in. After which everyone runs canada goose off for kills. I trying to get to payload with Rein and healing others when I can, DPS are either dead or no where near Rein and I.Enemy Junkrat hasbeen harassing me all game with canada goose uk black friday little uk canada goose to no recourse, gets behind me and starts firing, Rein decides this is his moment to shine and charges towards the payload while I canada goose coats distracted. DPS are no where to be seen, either dead or off Hanzoing it up in an attempt to get what really matters on this map, Solo Kills!I pop ult in an uk canada goose outlet attempt to evade/kill Junk, Canada Goose online manage to do so.I fine with this IF DPS can get some damn kills, but I end up canada goose clearance with too many DPS that have no concept of positioning and just hunt for elims instead of grouping up. This can work until they run into enemy DPS that are better than them. Then they end up dying alone in pointless duels all over the sidelines.I hear them whining more than ever about the new Mercy, because it forcing Canada Goose Coats On Sale them to learn target priority. I understand it annoying that Mercy can undo a lot of picks and stall the fights, butat least canada goose factory sale now she has to come out into the open to do it.Even as Orisa I been able to kill her several times when canada goose uk outlet she swoops in. If I have to kill Junkrat twice in order to get the Mercy, then that fine with me and at least more fun and active than playing hide and seek. I prefer the drawn out brawls over the big sweeps. If they are going to DPS instalock, at least have two tanks please (more health pool) and then one healer, if need be.We could have two healers, one tank but from my canada goose coats on sale experience, we still get crushed. That second tank makes a whole world of difference in either holding a position or pushing us forward.It amazing that these buy canada goose jacket randoms still buy canada goose jacket cheap don get what should be a very basic idea. Even worse is when you see them on the death cam, and see how bad they really are at their DPS character (like having a third dagger into the chest!)It was just starting to turn to carriers.The most powerful BBs Canada Goose Outlet were constructed for WWII (ordered slightly before technically, but it was on the horizon). America was going to build another class, but the meta was just canadian goose jacket about to change and they predicted that.BBs were still Canada Goose Jackets so important that Japan targeted them specifically in Pearl Harbour. They were considered important enough cheap Canada Goose to piss off America over.And let not forget the panic when Britain lost track of Bismarck, and how Germany basically tried to sacrifice an entire other (smaller) ship to protect her.

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