Their stamped imitators can often command big money too

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UNT contacted Thompson a short time after it lost to Memphis. From there Mean Green head coach Johnny Jones closed the deal. Thompson said his relationship with Jones was the biggest factor in his decision, although UNT being close to his home in Angleton and the Mean Green losing three of its key wing players certainly didn hurt..

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The action sequences more or less work, but the smaller, goofier moments come up short, and that includes Johnny Depp surprisingly unsurprising performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. His new muse, Scarlett Johannson, stars as an American journalism student who falls in love with a handsome aristocrat (Hugh Jackman), who just happens to be the prime suspect in a string of serial killings. It a little scary to see Allen stepping back in front of the camera (he plays a bumbling magician helping our gal reporter in her investigation), but at least he hasn cast himself as the romantic lead.

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