The video showed her being ushered in by some Good Samaritans

admin on 15 de Março de 2012

Officials reportedly arrived about 25 minutes after the victim called 911.Surveillance video from the store of the clearly shaken woman captured the hair raising moments shortly after she shuffled into the One Stop convenience store on Government St. After the alleged attack.The video showed her being ushered in by some Good Samaritans who tried to help.”We’re trying to make sure she’s good , like we’re trying to make sure she’s good,” Murgan said.Murgan was on the register that night and said the look in her eyes as she stumbled into the business sent off a red flag that something was horribly wrong. He said the story she told him that night sent chills down his spine.”She said, guy in the car, he raped me and he said if I tell anybody he’s going to burn my car and kill me,'” he added.Murgan said he immediately called police, then handed the phone over for the young woman to call her mother, all while giving her a place to hide behind the register.”She was crying and shaking you know,” Murgan said.WAFB Scottie Hunter asked the clerk what was going through his mind at the time of the ordeal.”[I thought] like why he do this you know? Like you don’t have a heart, you don’t have any feelings.

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