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Bailey complained to Scott’s chief counsel, Pete Antonacci, that he was receiving solicitations to donate money to Scott’s re election on his state computer. When he complained to Antonacci, Bailey said he was told, “Just delete it.” It’s illegal in Florida to destroy public records. Scott’s office said no state employees received email solicitations unless they gave an email address to the campaign, which Bailey said he didn’t do..

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canadian goose jacket All in all, this paper, which appeared in a reputable journal put outby Springer, a reputable (though greedy) publisher, is a travesty. It misrepresents the view of who surely don accept demonic possession, it presents unscientific data which appear to be based on wish thinking, and, most important, it reaches the unwarranted conclusionthat would be useful for medical professionals to work together with faith healers to define better treatment pathways for schizophrenia. The absence of some controlled studies of the effect of faith healing on schizophrenia, this suggestion is not only useless canada goose outlet parka but dangerous canadian goose jacket.

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