The recent actions by the three small and mid cap firms were

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Celine Bag Replica British government bonds, or gilts, have been the main assets of defined benefit or final salary pension schemes. But years of low UK interest rates and a flight to safe haven investments after Britain’s June vote to exit the European Union have depressed yields, leaving shortfalls.Several companies have taken steps in recent months to finance the deficits.The recent actions by the three small and mid cap firms were “the tip of the iceberg,” said Richard Farr, managing director at consultants Lincoln Pensions.”Each year Cheap Celine that goes by, the pensions mountain has not got smaller and companies are running out of time.”A pensions risk survey by Mercer shows an almost threefold increase in deficits in FTSE 350 companies in 2016.A BT spokesman said: “BT remains a strong company that is able Cheap Celine Handbags to make contributions into its pension scheme, pay shareholder dividends and invest in the future of the company.”Deficits on the balance sheet can also make companies less attractive to potential buyers. He sold the loss making department store chain last year to Dominic Chappell for one pound.The case has put pressure on the pension regulator to be firm with companies with large pension deficits. Celine Bag Replica

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