The precise nature of the crime committed by the prisoner

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Based on Florent Gonalves’s book about his romance in a Versailles detention centre with inmate Emma Arbabzadeh, Pierre Godeau’s Down By Love is a disappointingly flat account of a transgressive romance that lacks the institutional insights provided by Trapero’s Lion’s Den, which was released in the same year that the teenage Arbabzadeh was found guilty of luring Jewish salesman Ilan Halimi to his death at the hands of a racist gang known as The Barbarians. The precise nature of the crime committed by the prisoner played by Adle Exarchopoulos is never revealed. But much else is left unexplained in a picture that depends far too heavily on the committed performances of the Blue Is the Warmest Colour star and Comdie Franaise thespian, Guillaume Gallienne, who won the Csar for Best Actor in his hilarious directorial debut, Me, Myself and Mum (2013)..

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