The Piper Warrior, also popularly known as the Cherokee, has

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Bill went to Calvary Mission around December 7, 1934, made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and later wrote that for sure he had been again. He decided to call on the Great Physician for help. And he made his way drunk to Towns Hospital where he was admitted for treatment of his alcoholism for his fourth and final stay on December 11, 1934.

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Interestingly, depending on how many Lactaid pills I take, determines the level of relief that I get. 3 little pills is 1 dose so I can have my “standard” serving of dairy (pizza, ice cream, etc) and digest the food with the help of the pills. When I take too little medication for the dairy I consume, I tend to have farts that can maneuver out dry with precision but cannot be freely ripped for fear of a wet one.

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