The melancholy truth is that this kind of understated

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canada goose uk outlet Jesus Mo Literalism MuslimsAs most of us know, the Qur is supposed to be the direct and unfiltered word of Allah canada goose shop uk as dictated canada goose outlet jackets to Muhammad, and metaphorical interpretations of the Qur aren nearly as acceptableas they are for, say, the Bible. A cop out. A cheat as blatant andshameful as a schoolboy copy pasting his homework from the internet. There is noexcuse for it.Apropos of this, Ali A. In it, he argues that moderate Muslims are enabling their more extremist and more vicious jihadi counterparts, but not because the moderates refuse to speak up. Many are speaking up, canada goose outlet vancouver at least against the brutality of ISIS. No, it because the moderates still swear fealty to the Qur a supposedly inerrant book, but then try to parse it so that it appears less brutal and oppressive than it is. Rivzi thinks that canada goose outlet store montreal behavior turns off Westerners. Remember, canada goose parka uk he addressing moderate Muslims here:Like other moderates, Reza Aslan frequently bemoans those who read the Quran Interestingly enough, we sort of agree on this: the thought of the Quran being read or exactly as Allah wrote it unsettles me as much as it unsettles Reza.This is telling, and Reza isn alone. Many of you insist on alternative interpretations, some kind of metaphorical reading anything to avoid reading the holy book the way it actually written. What message do you think this sends? To those canada goose outlet parka on the outside, it implies there is something lacking in what you claim is God perfect word. In a way, you telling the listener to canada goose outlet vip value your explanations of these words over canada goose outlet store uk the sacred words themselves. I know that not the message you mean to send I been where you are. But canada goose outlet in montreal it is important to understand why it comes across that way to many non Muslims.If any kind of literature is to be interpreted it has to at least represent the original idea. Metaphors are meant to illustrate and clarify ideas, not twist and obscure them. When the literal words speak of blatant violence but are claimed to really canada goose outlet belgium mean peace and unity, we not in interpretation/metaphor canada goose outlet sale zone anymore; we heading into distortion/misrepresentation territory. If this disconnect was canada goose outlet orlando limited toone or two verses, I would consider your argument. canada goose outlet authentic If your interpretation were accepted by all of the world Muslims, I would consider your argument. Unfortunately, neither of these is the case. This is what makes otherwise rational moderate Muslims look remarkably inconsistent. Despite your best intentions, you also embolden anti Muslim bigots albeit unknowingly by effectively narrowing the differences between yourselves and the fundamentalists. You condemn all kinds of terrible things being done in the name of your religion, but when the same things appear as verses in your book, you use all your faculties to defend them. This comes across as either denial or disingenuousness, both of which make an honest conversation impossible.So what the solution? To give up the idea of the Qur as inerrant, which eliminates the torturous Islamic apologetics:This presents an obvious dilemma. The belief that the Quran is the unquestionable word of God is fundamental to the Islamic faith, and held by the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, fundamentalist or progressive. Many of you believe that letting it go is as good as calling yourself non Muslim. I get that. But does it have to be that way?Having grown up as part of a Muslim family in several Muslim majority countries, I been hearing discussions about an Islamic reformation for as long as I can remember. Ultimately, I came to believe that the first step to any kind of substantive reformation is to seriously reconsider the concept of scriptural inerrancy.Well, that all sounds good, and Rivzi has the best of intentions, but I don think it will work. His model is the way Jews (and by default, Christians) treat the Old Testament, which, if taken literally, is, like the Qur rife with violence, calls for genocide, canada goose jacket outlet store and untenable moral commands. How do Jews and Christians deal, say, with scriptural dictates to kill adulterers, kids who disrespect their parents, andpeople who work on the Sabbath? They simply ignore that stuff, and cherry pick the good verses. Yet that is precisely what Rivzi says isnot working in Islam, canada goose womens outlet and not because Muslims won do it but because it makes Muslims lookinconsistent to Westerners.I don get it. If that kind of metaphorical verse twisting is de rigueur for liberal Christians and Jews, who are used to it, why can Muslims do exactly the same thing? Yes, other Muslims may say that it impossible: the Qur must be read literally. But canada goose outlet new york city Rivzi is talking about how Westerners perceive Muslim not how other, more extremist Muslims do. How many Westerners evenknow that the Qur is canada goose outlet uk sale traditionally canada goose outlet mississauga read as inerrant or even that it supposed to be Allah dictation to Muhammad over a number of years?So when Rivzi says this the literal words speak of blatant violence but are claimed to really mean peace and unity, we not in interpretation/metaphor zone anymore; we heading into distortion/misrepresentation territory just as true of the other two Abrahamic faiths as it is of Islam.There is no substantive difference between considering scripture inerrant, but interpreting some of the verses as allegories, and accepting scripture as fallible andsimply ignoring the verses you dislike. After all, even Christian literalists, with the exceptionof people like William Lane Craig, gloss over the verses of the Bible to help sanitize their faith. And they don lose credibility with their fellow believers, either: they lose credibility only with rational people who regardcherry picking asboth hypocritical and indicative ofa morality independent of God.And really, how easy would it be to persuade Muslims, who venerate the Qur (Rivzi describes some of this behaviorin his longish piece), to start seeing it as fallible not the word of God canada goose kensington parka uk but of man? The tradition of a non canada goose outlet 80 off metaphorical interpretation of God words is much more pervasive in Islam than in Judaism andChristianity.I fear Rivzi is asking the impossible. He might as well ask the moderateswhat many of usatheists want: togive upIslam entirely.”When the canada goose clothing uk literal words speak of blatant violence but are claimed to really mean peace and unity, we’re not in interpretation/metaphor zone anymore; we’re canada goose outlet toronto address heading into distortion/misrepresentation territory”There a small number of liberal Christian thinkers who want to overtly disown sections of the Old Testament as representing human distortions of God, and simply say the Bible is not a Holy Book. (These same generally don believe the classical creeds either). But they are a tiny minority. Most liberal religious communities canada goose outlet canada simply sweep these verses under the rug, and as such they have no power to combat fundamentalism!!Some words from Richard Dawkins in God Delusion (preface to paperback edition)[People say] You go after crude, rabble rousing chancers like Ted Haggard, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, rather than sophisticated theologians canada goose outlet 2015 like Tillich or Bonhoeffer who canada goose outlet uk fake teach the sort of religion I believe in.If only such subtle, nuanced religion predominated, the world would surely be a better place, and I would have written a different book. The melancholy truth is that this kind of understated, decent, revisionist religion is numerically negligible. To the vast majority of believers around the world, religion all too closely resembles what you hear from the likes of Robertson, Falwell or Haggard, Osama bin Laden or the Ayatollah Khomeini. These are not straw men, they are all too influential, and everybody in the modern world has to deal with them.Most Muslims (apsotates such as Dr Rivzi excepted) take that sort of challenge and choose (note : that it is their choice is important) to respond by refusing to leave the metaphorical comforting living room of their culture and credo. They choose to remain in contact with that religion. And many Xtians do the same, not to let them off the cross without a good whipping.It is a of Islam that there in one god and Mo is his messenger (OK, strictly Mo is the messenger body double ; whatever) ; it a less solid pillar that the Koran is the final revelation of god, and from that it inerrancy derives.Sorry for Dr Rivzi, but by breaking that pillar, you an apostate, and therefore liable for death. That Islam. No point putting lipstick onto the pig, it remains a bacon butty in waiting.Speaking of zombies, my canada goose outlet seattle favourite bit of irrationality is the unspecified quantity of dead who got up and returned to their homes and families. First, the impossibility of the claim, but second the consequences. Properties already divided amongst heirs and perhaps sold; widows and hopefully some widowers who have gotten on with their lives and maybe even remarried? What kind of considerate being would do this to people, just to show off? I wonder how many of the allegedly resurrected people would have soon ended up regretting the whole mess.I been assured by the devout that the Bible is indeed a fallible document written by people of the time who were using to explain what they wanted to explain and justify what they wanted to justify but the core message is still valid. The inspired theme of the Bible is love of God, trust in God, faith in God, and the fact that God explains and justifies what WE need to explain and justify: love for others.No, sorry. Even when you hand a nice conclusion over on a silver platter the message is still the method and the method still sucks. As points out, the idea that ideas need to come from something undermines their actual worth. It cheats canada goose uk outlet.

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