The export led growth strategy of the PML N government has its

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canada goose factory outlet Government was unable to control the increasing food inflation that also slows down the growth in private consumption expenditures.The export led growth strategy of the PML N government has its own limitations, as the growth of demand from developed countries is dependent on the overall economic growth, including higher investment spending and creation of jobs. Secondly, Pakistan should have that productive surplus which should not create scarcity in the domestic markets. Finally, alternative demand side policy intervention such as stimulation in domestic demand is desirable, knowing the fact that global recession tendencies are not over after the financial crisis of 2007 08.In the current budget 2016/17, the people of Pakistan were expecting the roadmap of 7.0 percent real GDP growth in 2018/19 as proclaimed by federal finance minister in buy canada goose uk his budget speech canada goose factory outlet.

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