The “breeding” and “leveling” aspect of the Pok Day Care have

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This also has the added effect of, should you so desire, certain Pok (the ones that require specific moves) evolving almost instantly. The “breeding” and “leveling” aspect of the Pok Day Care have been separated. The new “Nursery” is now solely a breeding facility, which lets you breed Pok without worrying about their movesets getting overwritten, which used to be a huge thorn in the player’s side as they were trying to breed on Egg moves. As for where the leveling bit went, that’s now a Pok Pelago feature, and allows up to eighteen boxed Pok to gain EXP at once while you’re off doing your own thing and that thing doesn’t even need to be related to the game, as Pok Pelago runs in real time regardless of if you’re playing or not.

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