Talks about it quite a bit that he can

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In February after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was announced as one of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, the Arkansas athletic department began brainstorming a way to honor Jones, who’d been an offensive lineman and co captain on Arkansas’ 1964 national championship team. Jones is also a major Arkansas athletic program benefactor. The challenge from athletic director Jeff Long: Think of a unique tribute for a man who kind of already has everything, sports wise.

Did a great job stepping in on short notice to do it and it was a big part of the game to be able to finish the game out like that, Maas said. Talks about it quite a bit that he can. I never seen him in action, obviously, but he got it down there where he needed to, the guys covered it, the guys were fired up to cover it too, and I think he was in on the tackle..

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