Some ripper eating a swellbow while trying to bone a rail on

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A fail is not a regret. Some ripper eating a swellbow while trying to bone a rail on the backside, (that skater lingo for a bad crash. I looked it up (made it up)), isn regret. There crafting, housing, old content can be relevant with sync, etc.I sorry to say this but I think you just locked in the honeymoon phase for this game. The FFXIV community is just as toxic as others, any MMO seems to have an abundance of things to do if you haven played it much (also I just want to point out that FFXIVs “things to do” are generally pretty boring in my own opinion), and every class can be boiled down to being fairly similar. At the very least, I don think the classes in FFXIV are more diverse than what you would find in any other MMO.

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