Some may be able to make a complete recovery

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The next day I found out that dad’s problem was that the arteries to his kidney’s were blocked and that he needed to have surgery to repair them. Our Dr. Suggested that we take him to the big city hospital to have the surgery done because the doctors there had more experience in these cases.

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That is because of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) which prohibits companies from collecting personal information about kids under 13 without express verifiable parental consent. Most companies don’t want to deal with that legal headache and they want to collect as much info as possible about their users so they are NOT COPPA compliant. But of course kids know how to easily lie to get on these social media apps.

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Depending on what the non human takes, the victim may be mildly inconvenienced, severely injured or even killed. Some may be able to make a complete recovery, others will be scarred or crippled for life, and some unlucky souls will end up an Empty Shell, Killed Off for Real, or even Deader Than Dead. Needless to say, this makes being nice pretty difficult..

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