So each month you get 700 jewels for clearing both stories event decorator toronto

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Earning Jewels 2

event decorator toronto

There are also log in canada goose clearance sale campaigns, however it not able to predict if there be a log in campaign or not. But they mostly appear Canada Goose online during a Holiday or if the wholesale wedding supplies toronto and the game has canada goose clearance reached a milestone. Let assume that cheap Canada Goose a month has one of corporate event florist toronto and of these campaign. They usually last 5 14 days and on the flower shop toronto delivery and the first day you get buy canada goose jacket cheap 250 jewels and on the floral centerpieces for corporate events and the other days you get 50. That gives you 450 900 jewels for logging in during the flower shop toronto and the canada goose store campaign.With canadian goose jacket the event decor design and the recently added Achievements function, you get an additional 50 jewels a week if you log in everyday. Which means that in a month, you get 200 jewels throughthe canada goose uk black friday Achievements function.That means that for just logging in you get 800 jewels and 1250 uk canada goose 1700 jewels if there is a log in campaign during that time.6 new Rs get added in to the corporate event floral designs and the Canada Goose sale game every month (5 in the send flowers toronto canada and the gacha and 1 in the full event decor and the Caravan Event). Awakening a card of wedding decor vaughan and of R rarity or above gives you 50 Canada Goose Coats On Sale jewels per card. Assuming you can get Canada Goose Jackets all of event decorations and of the toronto event planning companies and the new cards during this month, you should get 300 jewels from awakening the event design and decor and the cards.3 uk canada goose outlet new N cards also get added in to the flower shop in canada and the game monthly. Awakening a N card, gives you 25 jewels per card. Assuming you canada goose coats able to awaken all of flower delivery to toronto canada and of them, that should give you 75 jewels each month.So for awakening all the flower delivery toronto ontario and the new cards, you canada goose coats on sale get 375 jewels each month.Two new songs get added each month in the flowercompany and the regular tab along with the wedding backdrop rental toronto and the story. There one Token event song each month and two songs that used to canada goose black friday salebe limited, buy canada goose jacket also get added in to the corporate event planning companies toronto and the regular tab. Playing songs actually gives you a lot more jewels then one would think.FC the corporate event decor and the song on Pro difficulty: 50 jewelsClearing the event decor direct toronto and the song on Master difficulty: 50 jewelsS Ranking the customized event decor and the song on Master difficulty: 50 jewelsFC the wedding designing services toronto and the song on Master difficulty: 50 jewelsClearing the wedding supplies toronto and the song 50 times on Pro difficulty: 50 jewelsClearing the song 100 times on Master difficulty: 250 canada goose uk shop jewelsFor this I not counting the Canada Goose Outlet last two points, because canada goose uk outlet for most people it takes longer then a month to play a song 50/100 times. or maybe it just me. You get Canada Goose Online 150 jewels per song and 200 if you can FC the Master canada goose difficulty (but I know some people struggle with this so I won be counting this either).Basically you get 750 jewels for doing the first three things and cheap canada goose uk 1000 jewels if you able to consistently FC Master difficulty.There are three events each month. A Token, A Medley and a Caravan event. Note that for this part, I won be counting the event reward jewels since there isn a Token/Medley event going on at the moment, and I not sure how many jewels you get for that. But once I can check it, I make sure to add it in! (Or if someone knows the ammount jewels you get, you can let me know).A Token and a Medley event both have stories of toronto wedding decor rental and of 7 chapters long. Clearing each chapter gives you 50 jewels. One story gives you 350 jewels. So each month you get 700 jewels for clearing both stories.As for tiering, knowing that majority of same day flower delivery toronto and of the people aim canada goose factory sale for T5, that will Canada Goose Parka give you 100 jewels if I correct (I haven been able to tier in this game for a couple events now so I not100% sure about this, but please let me know if it another amount!). That means you get 200 jewels each month from tiering.

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