She explained that the OPW detail a load of historic sites

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canada goose Tags dead zoo GETTING MARRIED irish weddingsWeddings See other tags Tags Here’s what it’s like to get married in Dublin’s Dead Zoo This looks aaaamazing. By Nicola Byrne Saturday 20 Jan 2018, 6:00 PM Jan 20th 2018, 6:01 PM 9,342 Views 3 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/3806737 Share210 Tweet Email1 WHEN REBECCA O’NEILL and her fiance Greg were searching for their dream wedding venue, they didn’t look to Pinterest for inspiration.No, Rebecca simply chose the place she’d worked for five years.Dublin’s Natural History Museum, or the ‘Dead Zoo’ as it’s fondly known, became their dream nuptial surroundings. Source: Emma Russell PhotographyThe couple were the first to ever use it as their wedding venue, which truly made for some extremely unique wedding photographs. Source: Emma Russell PhotographyRebecca told canada goose that she spent five years working in the museum on an inventory project.I catalogued everything. Those labels you see on everything, that was me.She explained that the OPW detail a load of historic sites approved by the HSE for hire for weddings.They include Dublin Castle, The Casino at Marino, and Collins Barracks.Getting married at such unusual sites planted the idea in Rebecca’s head.A few people had inquired [at the museum] , but no one followed through before us. We got it all oked and signed off, and just happened to be the first.The venue made for some amazing photographs in the truly unique surroundings Source: Emma Russell PhotographyThe most unusual part of the untraditional ceremony was definitely the photos, Rebecca adds.Their photographer Emma Russell certainly had no shortage of creative backdrops Source: Emma Russell Photography“People just amused themselves”, Rebecca added. “We didn’t have any kind of reception, they just buzzed around”.She said the nicest part of it all was letting her family and friends enjoy the quiet museum like she had back when she worked on the cataloguing project.I worked there back in 2008 when it was closed to the public (a staircase collapsed). It was lovely to show my family and friends this wonderful thing the way I saw it. They could meander around inpeace.The museum is closed to the public on Mondays, but sees up to 300,000 people pass through it every year. Source: Emma Russell PhotographyThe happy couple hired a vintage London bus to take their guests to the evening celebrations at the Morrison hotel, which is a lot more traditional.Yeah, we did our mad stuff at the museum.Truly a way to do it in top style Source: Emma Russell PhotographyHave you had an unconventional wedding in Ireland? Hit me up at nicola@canada goose jackets uk.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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