School year and dayChicago has been known for having a short

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Celine Outlet But that figure could go down to 35 percent depending on the outcome of negotiations. Sources say Replica Celine Handbags as many as 120 schools could be shuttered.Union leaders worry about the jobs that could be lost during such a dramatic downsizing and have pushed for a policy to allow teachers who have been laid off to be rehired. The district maintains that principals should have the freedom to choose their staff without being locked into rehiring a less than stellar candidate.The contract is believed to include a recall policy in which highly rated tenured teachers who’ve been laid off because of school closings would be guaranteed a job at the school receiving the students, provided there isa vacancy in their position.School year and dayChicago has been known for having a short school day and year, and CPS has been moving to change that, including adding more time to the school day.The state requires 176 “pupil attendance” days, Celine Replica Handbags but a jumble of rules and waivers allows districts to dip under that. Celine Outlet

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