Same goes for their lip gloss

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Yes, thanks, I saw that, but, what I am wondering is if I am best to upgrade to the latest version (in the 5 series images) or not. I know sometimes upgrading to the latest firmware or version of a program slows things down or eliminates features or brings in more ads or whatever. So, just wondering if if it is worth upgrading? I see the feature list for each image but just wanted to make sure there was no disadvantage of a newer version.

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This is a gap. Australians clearly prefer a separation between church and state. According to aHerald/Nielsen poll conducted in the lead up to the 2010 federal election, 84 per cent of people surveyed agreed with the statement ”religion and politics should be separate”.

Lawmakers, especially Republicans, responded to prior drug abuse outbreaks the heroin, amphetamines, and hallucinogens in the 1960s and crack cocaine in the 1980s as law and order issues. The opioid epidemic, which includes drugs from prescription painkillers to heroin and powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl, has been treated mostly as a public health crisis. Critics say that is because it affects white populations more than minorities.

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