Regardless of the reasons for the Anunnaki to come to our

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cheap Canada Goose But also, I’m so into the album as a medium. A lot of my peers are not, and that is totally fine. But I just hold an album so dear. Regardless of the reasons for the Anunnaki to come to our planet Earth, there is a preponderance of evidence from ancient civilizations all over our planet that they did in fact exist in our remote past. This evidence combined with the many new books and channeled information on the Anunnaki is the basis for this article. While many contend that the Anunnaki are dark forces (Angelic Fallen Angels) aligned with the main idea behind the Lucifer Rebellion, my contention is that they are merely playing the role assigned them by the Spiritual Hierarchy to activate Polar Integration in the Human Race and ultimately acheive Ascension.. cheap Canada Goose

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