Really nice camera angles; are you using multiple GoPros? Keep

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means you don’t know how much space is towards port side, or if i’m on the right, left, or center of canada goose outlet store uk the valley, you don’t know if I’m flying up into canada goose clearance our canada goose black canada goose clearance sale friday sale down canada goose uk black friday out of a valley, you don’t know where the next airport is, what the options are.

So please do cheap Canada Goose excuse that I’m not gonna run into the next Swiss Aeroclub uk canada goose outlet meeting telling canadian goose jacket everyone that we’ve been coming down the Gemmipass all wrong because some dude on the internet said so based on a photo he’s seen.

You don’t do much research, do you, captain bossman? 8 points canada goose outlet nyc submitted 2 days ago

What wrong with posting skylines? I like them, canada goose factory sale obviously if they had a bit of a canada goose coats on sale comment like “I took canada goose factory outlet of from canada goose outlet canada goose black friday sale shop X, buy canada goose jacket cheap had a severe crosswind, blah, blah, canada goose outlet reviews blah, and ATC canada goose store was like blah, so I landed Y” would be more interesting but all in all they help canada goose outlet in usa keep our community growing and some of them are canada goose outlet store pretty cool like u/provia and u/Schteevie posts.

I canada goose outlet black friday always believe this sub to be very inclusive canada goose outlet uk sale Canada Goose Jackets in regards to flying, everybody is friendly with everyone, from the noobs asking the simple questions, cheap canada goose uk that we all had at some point,to the seasoned veteran who goose outlet canada talks about a whatchamcallit part of some forsaken little known bush plane and Canada Goose Outlet from fellow flyers posting stories, canada goose outlet toronto factory pics and just canada goose outlet parka anything related to flying even if sometimes we bend the rules canada goose outlet a little, that makes this sub cool. 1 point submitted 11 days ago

Excellent video! Aaah, how canada goose I love the le petit Robin. Really nice camera angles; are you using multiple GoPros? Keep documenting your trips. It really inspiring for early stage student pilots like myself.

Excuse my German, canada goose jacket outlet uk canada goose aber das war ja wirklich ein sehr schnes Video! Ich habe das Gefhl, die Hauptteil des Videos ist canada goose outlet new york city aus den USA. es freue canada goose coats mich ein Video auf Europa zu finden hier auf r/flying. Ich fliege hier in Frankreig aber hab voll Bock die Schweiz zu besuchen (trotz meinem schlechten Deutsch ). Komme im Sommer nach Luzern, vielleicht kann ich Canada Goose Parka fliegen gehen. Mal sehen! 2 points submitted 12 days ago

This saturday was my first flight as PIC since receiving my UK PPL (was previously licensed in France) and what a treat it was. I was able to take my wife for a official canada goose outlet smooth ride as the weather conditions were perfect canada goose outlet uk for VFR. This was also my first Canada Goose sale ever buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet sale transit into an international airport airspace but overall everything went well. I hope you enjoy some of the footage, and for those still in training, pick up a thing or two about ATC phraseology when entering a Class D airspace. Enjoy!

print canada goose uk outlet film (like fuji superia, kodak gold, or portra etc) is designed as an intermedium, and hence it quite flat. if it had strong contrast, the end product (the print off the negative) wouldbe too dense and too contrasty. the great bonus you get from Canada Goose Online the flatness is that it has much more dynamic range, which is why its almost impossible to really mess up an exposure with print film. it also helps with very contrasty lighting situation (like mid day sunny, or nighttime city shots), because it can resolve a wide canada goose outlet online range, from quite dark alleys to bright streetlights, in one shot. this is also why it quite easy to scan.

slide film was Canada Goose Coats On Sale designed canada goose uk shop as a first generation medium. if it was as flat as print film, the projected image would look really dull, mushy and not very punchy. canada goose outlet online uk think moving the contrast canada goose outlet jackets slider to the end of the low scale. canada goose outlet canada result of that is, of course, a much punchier image, fantastic colour reproduction, glowing highlights, deep shadows, but only if you get the exposure right, because it so contrasty. that makes night shots particularly difficult, because the range is much higher, but Canada Goose online as you can see on OPs shot, if you do your homework, happy days!

lots of people shy away from slide film because they read on the internet you have to 100% nail the exposure with every shot and they gotten sloppy from winging it with print film, but honestly, it not that hard and the results you unlike anything else on a light table. scans never do them justice.

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