Proco Joe Moreno (1st) spoke at $50 a head dinner discussion

admin on 4 de Maio de 2013

Whether demand or supply comes first, persistence is key to cultivating women’s cycling. Wiesia Kuczaj found this at a local level at Herne Hill velodrome, site of the historic 1948 London Olympics. Four years ago, the amateur racer, who works in cycling public relations, began putting on weekly women’s nights at the velodrome.

cheap oakleys COAKLEY: I WATCHED THE CONVENTION. MARIA: FINALLY, WHAT SPEAKER AT THE DNC SAID THIS TO DISGRUNTLED BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTERS, “TO THE BERNIE OR BUST PEOPLE, YOU BEING RIDICULOUS”? MS. COAKLEY: SARAH SILVERMAN? MARIA: YES. That’s what 1stWard Ald. Proco Joe Moreno called the Logan Square activists who criticized him when I reported recently on his plans to speak at a $50 a plate “Discussion of Gentrification.”The Idiots and I pointed out that the issue affects many people who may be struggling with rising rents and might not be able to afford to drop that kind of cash on dinner with a side of civic engagement.But the Idiots were even more dumbfounded to see where the “Community Dining” forum ended upon Wednesdayevening.”Insult to injury, man,” Idiot organizer Justine Bayod Espoz said of the venue change to a 5,412 square foot house that’s the very picture of North Side gentrification.Another Idiot held up a sign that read, “Moreno, tu corazn es de piedra,” which means , “Moreno, you have a heart of stone.”The rest of the Idiots , known officially as the Somos Logan Square community group, stood with their backs to the home’s wrought iron front fence and held up signs spelling out “LUXURY=DISPLACEMENT.”Protesters from the Somos Logan Square community group protested Wednesday outside a $1.55 million mansion where Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) spoke at $50 a head dinner discussion on gentrification. cheap oakleys

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