Past Courtroom 50, presided by Additional Sessions Judge T S

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It just didn age well. The layout was novel in its time, but confusing and inconvenient long term. It just reeks of 90 architecture and vibe that just feels odd being around nowadays. You learn, for instance, that there are so many different ways of saying ‘Maloom nahi’ and ‘Yaad nahi’.You learn that there can be moments of humour even in a case as heart chilling as that of a mother accused of cold bloodedly planning and then executing her daughter’s murder.You learn that, even amidst that light banter, the legal sabres remain sharply honed, ready to take advantage of the slightest error.You learn of the loyalty of a sister and a brother, whose lives are probably timed to the next date in a court case that has their siblings in the enclosure reserved for the accused, in a case that will probably go on for a long time.That last mentioned, you learn, as soon as you walk towards Courtroom 51, past Room 97 A to which four plates of Chinese fried rice, Manchurian gravy and a couple of accompaniments have been delivered by a wobbly handed waiter who has balanced them from the ground floor, through the lift, to the third.Past Courtroom 49,presided by Additional Sessions Judge J S Sharma, that is at present populated by five people two lawyers having lunch, a black robed lawyer speaking to a colleague/client and a lady in a salwar kameez, sitting with her head bent.Past Courtroom 50, presided by Additional Sessions Judge T S Tarare, which, for the moment, houses just a court official and two lawyers.Then, on a long bench facing the stairs, sit Accused No 4 Peter Mukerjea in the Sheena Bora Murder Case and his sister, Shangon Das Gupta.Between them are two small cardboard carry boxes, now empty of their burgers, gaily orange and white striped tissue papers and steel tumblers of hot chai or coffee that have come up from the court canteen on the ground floor.On the other side of the courtroom, next to a metal gate sit Accused No 1 and 2, Indrani Mukerjea and her rather lonely looking ex husband, Sanjeev Khanna.Both are dressed in a pale shade of orange.Peppered around all three accused are male and female policemen, some hanging on desultorily totheir rifles, waiting until it is time to escort charges to the courtroom and later, the police van.Indrani is clearly in charge in her little corner. The tone is that of a boss talking to an employee. A canteen employee approaches her.

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