Over the weekend, he was specifically participating in Pulpit

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Bush, at least.Though Bush made faith a major part of his public identity Cheap Swimsuits, Obama has not been quite so outspoken.Obama emphasized his Christianity as much as Bush did, perhaps because Obama supporters are quite a bit less religious than Bush were,” Dowland said. “As a result, Americans perceive that we have less religion in public life.”Dowland added that evangelical Christians have a “nostalgia for an era where the society wasn’t as crass and where Protestant Christians had moral control that evangelicals feel is lost.”This sentiment may have contributed to the increased support for religious leaders discussing politics from the pulpit.Garlow also pointed to the current political situation, saying that Obama and other left leaning leaders have “overplayed their hands” by enacting laws that go against the desires of the people, or at least those of American evangelicals.The evangelical pastorcited the enactment of gay marriage in many states by court order rather than by a vote by the citizenry.”We have legal anarchy,” he said. “People get that there’s a legal injustice taking place.”Garlow said his sermons regularly include a range of political issues, including the national debt, support for Israel and abortion, although he said that more often than not, these politicized issues don’t come up at all.Over the weekend, he was specifically participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday, an annual event in which pastors across the nation openly discuss “the intersection of the political realm with the scriptural Truth beach dresses,” according to the website for Alliance Defending Freedom.It’s also meant as a test of those IRS rules against politicking in the pulpit, rules that conservatives like Garlow abhor.According to Alliance Defending Freedom spokesman Nick Bouknight, about 1,800 pastors participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday this year.Though Garlow’s congregation might applaud these politically infused sermons, others are dismayed.”What about the integrity of the political process?” asked Barry Lynn, director of the nonprofit Americans United for Separation of Church and State.Lynn’s organization has lobbied the IRS to investigate churches that participate in such openly political speech and to revoke their tax exempt status..

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