On January 04th, 2017, Weight Watchers International announced

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Canada Goose online Additionally, shares of Weight Watchers International, which provides weight management services worldwide, have an RSI of 55.45.On January 04th, 2017, Weight Watchers International announced that it has again been recognized by the experts in the 2017 Best Diets rankings released by US News World Report. Weight Watchers earned the top spot in four categories: ranked 1 for “Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss” for the first year since the category was added in 2016; ranked 1 for “Best Diet for Weight Loss” for the seventh consecutive year; ranked 1 for “Best Commercial Diet” for the seventh consecutive year; and ranked 1 for “Easiest Diet to Follow” for the sixth consecutive year since the category was added.On January 04th, 2017, research firm Sidoti reiterated its rating on the Company stock with an increase of the target price from $25 a share to $28 ashare. The complimentary report on WTW can be downloaded at:/?symbol=WTWShares in Houston, Texas headquartered Service Corp Canada Goose online.

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