Now you can choose from wide array of gemstones homemade fruit granola bars

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramIt’s no secret parents are the fundraising muscle behind our schools and our kids’ many teams and activities. Whether you’re raising a few hundred dollars to fund a special class field trip, a few thousand dollars to purchase new technology for the classroom, or several thousand dollars to build a new playground these fab and tips will help you boost participation and make more money!Starts with Community! Before you hear the “cha ching” of how to make healthy granola bars from scratch and of money coming in, you’ll need to hear the voices of how to make natural granola bars and of parents chiming in as a community. Plan family social activities without asking for money; this gives parents a chance to get know one another and gain a shared understanding of diy granola bars and of your group’s needs and goals.

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homemade fruit granola bars

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