Now, every time an old friend randomly wants to reconnect with

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Point still stands, even if it not effective to a great degree, doing something is still better than doing nothing. It about the mitigation of the rate of these acts, not elimination. Less is better. For example, with regards to organization I took it upon myself to keep my classroom organized for the sake of my students. I took it upon myself to keep the restaurant food storage organized. I took it upon myself to reorganize my delivery vehicle daily rather than digging through a jumbled mound of disorganized packages.

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Most broker dealers will store your cash and have a debit card option. This is by no means a new thing. It called cash management. This starts to color all of your other interactions. Now, every time an old friend randomly wants to reconnect with you, you get a knot in your stomach. You read emails knowing that at the end of all of the sucking up and small talk, there a good chance for an ask at the end.

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