Nova Scotians can expect to see increases in the price of fuel

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cheap replica handbags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNova Scotians should expect to pay hundreds of dollars more per year for fuel and electricity if the federal government imposes a carbon tax, according to analysis by a Dalhousie University energy researcher.”Carbon pricing is pretty well inevitable. Nova Scotians can expect to see increases in the price of fuel,” Larry Hughes said on Thursday.This week federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna spoke about carbon tax and cap and trade systems, citing British Columbia as an example.”They have a carbon tax. It’s revenue neutral,” McKenna told the House of Commons.”They give money back to consumers but. it is a market mechanism that reduces what we don’t want, and we don’t want carbon pollution.”Analysis: MPs fill House with stale emissions of climate change debateEnvironment Minister Catherine McKenna said every province signed an agreement to work toward the climate targets set by the previous Conservative government and that includes carbon pricing. comparisonAt the request of CBC Nova Scotia, Hughes applied the British Columbia model $30 per tonne of carbon dioxide to Nova Scotia.It would add nearly seven cents per litre to the price of gasoline at the pumps in Nova Scotia, he said. It also would increase electricity bills by 1.8 cents per kilowatt hour and 8.85 cents per litre to the cost of home heating oil.Based on household consumption of 3,000 litres of gasoline, 10,000 kWh and 2500 litres of heating oil, that adds up to an annual cost per household of $612 per year.Hughes said it could make revenue through income tax breaks, but he argued an already weak economy would suffer.”Our economy is in pretty rough shape as it is already,” he said.Nova Scotia hesitantThe prospect of a carbon tax even answering questions about it has been something Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil wants to avoid.He and his environment minister continued to hold out hope Thursday that Nova Scotia will be spared from carbon pricing imposed by Ottawa.”[The federal objective] is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and no other province in Canada has done a better job of it than Nova Scotia,” McNeil told reporters on Thursday after his government’s weekly cabinet meeting cheap replica handbags.

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