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I really like this question.I think Fjallraven has about the same level of quality. But if you cheap moncler sale looking for the absolute best quality, price be damned, I do think Moncler and CG have the edge, Moncler especially. At the prices they command, they can afford to have better QC. Just keep in mind that you end up with diminishing returns the higher you go; beyond a certain point, you are paying for the brand and styling. Which is fine, it just that it needs to be pointed out.Disregarding stylistic differences, the difference between the high end brands and the lower end brands comes down to the evenness and density of the stitching and quality of construction, as well as materials used. The higher end brands do have better quality down (supposedly ethically sourced as well) and while people are quick to decry it, real fur trim on the hood (and sometimes even inside the hood and collar), which, while now a stylistic flair for the most part, was originally used to block wind and snow, and it still works. Synthetic fur traps ice and snow readily and easily gets soaked, while real fur readily sheds it. It easy to appreciate the difference in inclement weather and real fur just has an absurdly luxe feeling that synthetic cannot touch. Uniqlo and the cheaper brands will also typically cheap out on clasps, zippers and other hardware, while the high end brands can afford better versions. Really cheap brands (think your general mall/department store brands), which you should not ever go for, will say cheap moncler coats that they have down fill but will load it with cheap, non ethically sourced moncler outlet sale duck down and a moncler outlet online ton of feathers as fill. Those feathers will speed up the rate that down leaks from the jacket. If you choose to go with a down alternative, the higher grades of PrimaLoft and other synthetic down alternatives are worth the premium over the run of cheap moncler outlet the mill versions used in cheaper brands.That being said, there the point of cheap moncler “good enough” construction that many of the lower end brands hit. This is extremely helpful. I never lived in weather colder than 50 degrees and now I have days 20 a few times a month. I know nothing about winter coats and this is really good info/perspective, especially the bit on the fur and down.I think I will stick with CG/Moncler for a heavy jacket and for the rest cheap moncler jackets I will buy based on style from the upper tier of brands. I do like some of the Moncler jackets for style though so that may become my go to.If you don mind me asking, where do you live and how cold moncler outlet store does it get there? Also are there any other higher end brands you recommend I add to my consideration set?No problem man! Stay warm.I live in nj, where it gets decently cold. I went to college at Penn state though, in the middle of PA, where the winters are pretty terrible. Not as bad as Minnesota but it drops well below zero, especially moncler mens jackets if you factor moncler sale outlet in windchill, and it a valley, so heavy snowfall is common. I also walked moncler sale everywhere, so I be outdoors in inclement weather for long periods of time. I no mountaineer but I know my cold weather gear pretty well.If you choose to go the non hood/hat route, get yourself some decent ear warmers. eBay, Century 21, Nordstrom Rack, and other clearance stores will sell 180s ear warmers for around $10 15 and they great and collapsible. A warm scarf and gloves are essential too, and wool socks definitely help.For scarves, the cheap acrylic stuff works ok, but I opt for a 100% merino wool or cashmere one if you can. They soft and warm without any of the usual wool scratchiness. If your skin is less sensitive, lambswool is also a good alternative. If you just want a decent cheap beater scarf, UNIQLO are surprisingly great for a wool blend.For gloves, moncler outlet you got options. Hestra is a well renowned one that on clearance often, but you can go for either down, fur, or synthetic fill. monlcer down jackets Fur/shearling is great, but you going to be paying a premium for a decent, non crappy glove (think $100+). Same applies for cashmere, since the cheap stuff is thin as hell and not worth a damn. Down is great but tends to bunch up and isn the most durable long term. If you go for thinsulate or the other synthetics, look for the weight of theinsulation. The very low weight versions are not very warm.Socks are relatively easy go for merino wool socks. Darn Tough if buy moncler jackets you ok with splurging (they have a lifetime warranty), Costco if you not. That pretty much sums it up; cotton doesn work well in the winter.Continuing on footwear, for dress boots/shoes, at least get your leather shoes topy ed (rubber half soles applied) or better, get Dainite soles. For boots, opt for either lugs or mini lugs. You also need to wipe off your leather boots/shoes with a moist cloth/paper towel after every wear outdoors as the road salt will destroy them otherwise.I guess other random advice; lip balm becomes a necessity in winter, don go for the Burt Bees kind, Blistex and the other similar brands work much better. If the inside of your nose ends up drying up and you get nose bleeds, or cracking around the edgesof your mouth, Aquaphor works wonders. I took Accutane in the past, during winter time, and was in absolute misery until I discovered it.

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