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The free community calendar is published Wednesdays and Saturdays on a space available basis, and includes free and nonprofit local events and groups. Nov. 20. PHO AO SEN NOW OPEN We received a tip this week that the Albany branch of the popular East Oakland Vietnamese restaurant Pho Ao Sen is now open. Very early Yelp reviews are mixed; many diners are enjoying the food but have gripes about slow service. Our tipster said that the Albany location is “not as awesome as the original , but they will get there.

plastic mould DJ Liz Whitfield plays big band, classic country and requests. Monday through Friday or 806 383 2729. Feb. Cramsey lawyers appealed the denial of his request to enter a pretrial intervention program that would allow him to avoid jail time. Judge Mitzy Galis Mendez rejected their appeal. Nobel appealed the denial of Cramsey request to enter a pretrial intervention program that would allow him to avoid jail time. plastic mould

decorating tools Bailey also found a niche in the take and bake market. Her cinnamon rolls are popular, and one day her mother suggested selling a plate of raw cinnamon rolls that people could take home and bake themselves to get that fresh baked cinnamon roll experience. Bailey said no, it would be too difficult to explain to customers how to cook them and she didn’t think anyone was interested.. decorating tools

cake decorations supplier Remember: As you setting up your amazing Halloween display this year, make sure to becareful with your lighting. It important to observe basic electrical safety by making sure there are no exposed wires, taping down cables so people don trip, and keeping lights out of puddles andother areas of moisture. Don overload any of your outlets, and it you notice wavering lights, sparking, smoke, or anything else amiss, cut power immediately and call anemergency electrician.. cake decorations supplier

kitchenware Ben is a taxi driver and a month or so ago he was waiting for a fare at the bottom of town that was pre booked. I won’t say what he saw 2 people doing together by a wall but eventually these 2 came over to the taxi. It was CA and a girl. Paris Hilton, Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Benji Madden and various Playmates have been spotted there. But on Friday nights, Tampa’s sexiest bistro transforms into something more: a pulsating nightclub. Fantasy Fridays offer something for everyone: Top 40 music on the patio; ’70s, ’80s and ’90s tunes in the lounge; and house music in the restaurant. kitchenware

bakeware factory 15; and then a series of locations across the country before it arrives at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Nov. 27. The tree will be officially lit on the lawn of the Capitol on Dec. Harry lamb I have a teapot and butter/cheese dish in the shape of a house , on the bottom it says Beswick Ware with the numbers 239 on the teapot and 250 on the butter/cheese dish Betty Samuels, Chepstow My mum had a small spoon which she used as a sugar spoon. She always said it was a commemorative spoon from King George time. It had Westminster Cathedral on the bowl of the spoon and I think it may have had a coat of arms on the handle bakeware factory.

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