Lucks year was still better due to his rushing ability but

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More impressively, the Steelers haven had fewer than 5 wins since 1969 (and this includes when the season was 14 games and two strike shortened seasons).I think 4 or fewer wins is a low threshhold though; 5 win seasons also suck. Hell even the Jets, who consistently suck, canada goose uk black friday only have 7 seasons with 4 or fewer wins in the 32 seasons since 1986. 5 points submitted 3 days agoGoff was statistically in line with 2016 Luck last season. For some reason he’s not getting the canada goose uk outlet benefit of the doubt with stuff but he missed a whole game (just like Luck) and about 3 and a canada goose store half quarters throughout the year in blowout wins. He was behind Luck by about 400 passing yards and 3 TD’s while Luck had 6 more interceptions. Goff has about 80 Canada Goose sale less attempts than Luck so based on averages he’d have had more TD’s and maybe a few less yards on similar attempts while still havingless interceptions. Lucks year was still better due to his rushing ability but it’s not some crazy idea that canada goose black friday sale if Luck didn’t come back canada goose coats on sale 100% Goff cheap canada goose uk would be better. 2 points submitted 3 days agoI mean Luck also had TY and Reggie his first couple of years Goff didn’t have that luxury either (not saying I’m upset with what we have). I’m not saying canada goose clearance Goff is as good as Luck here since yes it was only his second season but that also means he can still improve and given cheap Canada Goose how damn good he was last buy canada goose jacket cheap season the amount of “eww Goff?” are what’s confusing me. Goff was inside the top 5 in canada goose clearance sale most stats last canada goose year and the ones he wasn’t in the top 5 were all in the top 10.axle69 1 Canada Goose Jackets point submitted 5 days agoLol I think the only one that’s blind here is yourself. I play both factions never really felt super strongly Canada Goose Outlet attached to anything but my character but there is usually more horde related posts on this sub and in real life the horde buy canada goose jacket is definitely more played so Canada Goose Parka why would this sub be any different? You’re arguing against established lore for no other reason than a dick measuring contest. Jaina is the strongest mage currently, Malfurion is basically a god, and the Horde can’t make mana bombs anymore. 3 points submitted 5 days agoYes and no. The mooning/teabagging debacle was really dumb uk canada goose outlet but that whole thing has more holes than Canada Goose online Swiss cheese and if it was really how it’s canada goose coats said it happened it’s still just a dumbass kid doing something canadian goose jacket really stupid and ill advised. The PED’s thing is also a little wonky. HGH was in a grey area rules wise in the league all the way up until the season before and they didn’t even test for it. He had some supposedly sent to his wife but even withcanada goose uk shop all of that I honestly believe it’s a moot point. HGH is primarily used to help recover from athletes and it’s not nearly as performance enhancing as an anabolic steroid.axle69 3 points submitted 5 days agoThey could have left mob hp and exp exactly the same and changed the zone level ranges like they are now and it would have been significantly less of a chore and still a lot more fun overall. I hated pre 7.3.5 because I could only do like 5 quests before I had to move zones canada goose factory sale and or smash the dungeon button constantly. Now leveling up takes a long Canada Goose Coats On Sale enough time that I lose interest on that end of it unless I’m just focusing on maxing exp as much as humanly possible.Pulled the entire first chain uk canada goose of mobs and then the boss, chipped down the adds and then the boss himself without anyone dying, much less falling below 75% Canada Goose Online and the healer was my co queuer and spent most of the fight dpsing instead.The fight ends and as we looting I get the boot, friend told me the reason in the kick box was “going too fast”.Funny, thought most people loved break neck speed runs as long as they weren overly stressful. This blood DK just joined another group after joining back up with his healer cohort.

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